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“... I was in prison, and you visited me.” (Matthew 25:36)

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Michell Doyle  1-22-24
If you had told me when I was younger that I would be part of a group, that I would be accepted and would have real friends, I would have labeled you a liar. I would never have imagined that that could ever be true. As you read my story, you will see what I mean.
In my past as a child growing up, I did not have any friends.  My mother and step father were drug addicts which did not make it convenient to have other people's children over at our house.  However that was not the only problem. My step-father did not work enough to pay bills and take care of us and we moved often.  So often that I attended fourteen different schools before I entered ninth grade. I was never in one place long enough to make and keep friends, and I grew up very lonely.  I adopted the same drug habits that my parents had at a very young age.  The loneliness and friendlessness continued into my adult years.  The lonelier I was, the more drugs I did.  The more drugs I did, the lonelier I became.  My lifestyle did not foster healthy meaningful relationships.  I did not like myself very much and felt like I had no value.  
Currently I am in prison.  This is not the best environment to make friends in.  In fact, we are discouraged against it by this system, but I have met some really good women here, a few that I am proud to consider a friend.  I am clean from drugs and starting to see my worth.  I have found a group here that I am part of.  I have found Kairos.  Kairos is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I now have many sisters in Christ.  I talk to them, they listen to me.   They talk to me, I listen to them.   I am accepted and look forward to seeing my new friends, my sisters, every week.  I like myself and I am a good friend to have.
My future is bright.  With my Kairos sisters and mentors I will have a support system that I will forever be part of.  I will always have someone to reach out to and talk to   To combat the loneliness and help chase away the darkness.  They will be my role models for myself and for what I am looking for in new friends.  I will stay clean.  I will have life and be successful.  My value will continue to grow,
In concluding this story of loneliness throughout my life, my intention is to leave you with hope.  Hope for tomorrow.  Hope for what could be.  I was destined to belong from the beginning and you are too.

IIff  you